World of Inferna

Dive into the world of Pangeus and experience adventures


Many centuries ago people lived in four different kingdoms. In the north was Esford, in the east was Orin, in the south Caratas and Jerro was in the west. An influential Regiises family saw the potential in the unification of the four kingdoms. The members of the family had enormous influence in Orin and Jerro, so that the territories merged quickly. As a result, Esford and Caratas allied themselves to have a chance against Orin and Jerro in case of war. Thanks to their negotiating skills, the Regiises family managed to conclude the Pact Unitates with the four empires after several years. In this pact peace was sealed and open borders for trade relations were established and the united empire of Pangeus was born. Through the Regiises Pangeus became a glorious empire, which was led to prosperity and knowledge by law and order

Infernumantis – The Downfall

One day a great misfortune befell Pangeus. The sky darkened and a terrible thunderstorm came up. The people sensed a disaster, and yet they did not know what it was that made them so afraid and terrified. After the storm subsided and the population began to clean up, fewer and fewer people returned to the village. A reconnaissance squad, searching for the missing, came across strange cracks in the ground, from which an inexplicable stench rose. But the smell was the lesser evil. The cracks began to glow and out of them came creatures that immediately attacked and killed people. After the monsters had been killed by the warriors, the cracks seemed to be extinguished and some of them even disappeared, but this was a great fallacy. Out of the hell cracks come seemingly endless creatures, over and over again. The cracks did not disappear, they reactivated themselves in irregular intervals and often reappeared in other places. With fiery lights they spat out creatures from the underworld again and again

The collapse of Pangeus

Orin and Esford, it is believed, were swallowed by a huge crack and are trapped in hell for all time. Through the chaos and danger that the night of the Infernumantis brought, Jerro and Caratas separated again and broke the Pact Unitates. Without strong leadership, the inhabitants fell back into the old hatred they had felt hundreds of years ago. Jerro blamed the inhabitants of Caratas for causing the disaster. Caratas, on the other hand, believed that Jerro was only trying to cover up the fact that they were to blame. A bitter war broke out, so that the cities drifted apart and all trade relations were cut off. Over the years, a new language emerged in Jerro. This made all further negotiations enormously difficult, so that the war continued despite the danger from the creatures. The enmity between Jerro and Caratas continues to this day. Can you find out what really happened and who is responsible for the Night of Infernumantis? Can you find the lost empires of Esford and Orin?

the classes

In Pangeus magic is omnipresent. In some people, magic slumbers within, in others, the potential power remains hidden until certain emergencies or events that can occur at any time


The magicians are a small, very wise and closed people, where men and women are equal. They are not allowed to share their secrets with people, but they are allowed to share their knowledge. The magicians live and theirs according to the Akelexi, the violation of this is punished with exclusion from the Magnius (magician community). Whoever does not live in the Magnius community and is not subordinated to it is on his own. The magicians of humans are tracked down as babies and infants and taken away from their parents. A magician has the right to take the child away from the parents immediately after birth or at any later time without any compensation. Furthermore, if the magician finds a child of magic, he or she is obliged to take it or report it. If he keeps the child, he must educate it until it is old and wise enough to attend the school of the magicians Balduin. The time when a child is taken from the family of origin is decided by the magician who discovers the child. Since there are not so many magicians, not all children are discovered. The magic slumbers within most of them and only emerges in some.

Every magician draws his powers from the energy of nature and its basic elements fire, water, earth or air. In the Balduin School you can find out from which element you can channel the most energy. After graduating from the Magic School, a magician is taught 1* degree. Thus his basic training is completed and his journey to knowledge and power can begin. Magicians need a magic wand to be able to use the extracted ambient energy in a targeted manner. Mages are more talkative and modern than the magicians. They have a special bond to animals and nature. According to ancient lore, magicians are able to hatch dragon eggs and live in harmony with these creatures, for only they can form a deep empathic bond


The warriors are a proud and very powerful species. Their training was perfected over thousands of years and the test is so hard that many give up or die. Only 40% survive the final exam and only those who survive have passed. They are well trained to defy dangers of all kinds.

Because of the great selection and the difficulty of the training, the proud warriors are very vain and highly regarded by other people because of their strength. Some children in whom magic slumbers and can be trained as warriors are magic warriors.


Men and women who master the art of walking in the shadows. They sneak up from behind and assassinate their enemies in silence. Because of their ambushes they are not very popular and always feared. Assasins are skilled with bows and daggers and enjoy extensive training

Assassin training: You will be trained over two years in three groups, with whom you have to spend day and night. If one of them dies before the final examination, the whole team is executed. The final examination is considered to be passed, if his two comrades were assassinated behind his back. Those who refuse will be executed and the last survivor has passed the exam


Exist only since Infernumantis. They were transformed into half demons by the hellish energy of the cracks, because this energy changed a human gene. Some children in whom magic slumbers and came into contact with hell energy are now magic half-demons. Most half-demons can be trained in fighting techniques in the camp of abomination to learn how to handle their demon powers.

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