Soon Inferna will be available for IOS and Android!

Frequently asked questions

How many classes will there be?
There will be 4 classes. Warrior, Assassin, Magician and Half-Demon. Each of the classes will have 2 specializations, which differ in their skills.
What will the item attribute system be like?
You have 4 Attributes. Strength, Intelligence, Vitality and Dexterity. After each level up you get 4 attribute points, which you can distribute among the attributes.
Do I have to spend money to keep up with other players?
No. The game will not be based on pay2win.
What is an early access?
Inferna is released in early access. So you can play and support Inferna from an early state. This means that the game has been officially released, but does not yet have all the features that the developers have created. Only then will the game be complete someday. The game will not be reseted after early access. So far, everything should work in Inferna (of course there are always bugs). The game is still in version 0.x and therefore has only the basics of an MMORPG. From then on, the game will be developed with the support of the community. Patch 1.0 is usually the patch that completes the game. Everything after 1.0 is just updates, new ideas, etc. All under 1.0 = Incomplete game.
Will the community be able to comment on the development of the game?
Yes, the community can give us feedback on the game at any time. We will try to collect the feedback as best as possible in order to develop the game accordingly. For many updates, polls are started in Discord.
What is the maximum level? Will the content be expanded?
The maximum lvl for the release is 60. The content and the max. levels will certainly be expanded in the future.
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