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UPDATE 30.11.2022

HOTFIX 01.12.2022
- Reduced the damage of the half demons blade of darkness skill very slightly

HOTFIX 30.11.2022
- Increase damage of the half demons blade of darkness skill
- Reduced respawn time of the king skorpion, but added more spawn points

New Features
- Danji's holiday tombola is starting again with lots of holiday and not-so-holiday themed goodies to collect!

- Tweaked materials of crocodiles, centaurs and dwelfs to make them less glossy
- Tweaked some ground and object textures on Jerro Highlands
- Added a small bridge to a stream crossing on Jurdana
- Werewolf now drops gothic shields
- Skorpion king now drops shields of darkness
- Added scorpion king to the dangerous creatures guild mission

Balance updates
- Increased duration and cooldown of the sword prowess skill
- Monsters will now (stupidly) attempt to intercept you when chasing instead of just following you
- Monsters can now adapt and resist future knockback after being knocked back
- Slight increase in monster movement speed in Frozen Land
- Removed higher level shields from the shield shop
- Bosses will now be immune to poison for a while after being poisoned
- Shields movement speed debuff now increases with their level and decreases on higher upgrade levels
- Weapon defense is now twice as effective against magical damage (changed from 1/6th to 1/3rd)
- Reworked scaling of all equipment and monsters to make using the same low level items for high level content less attractive, this has the effect that lower level items have lower stats, but the stats of lower level mobs have been decreased as well
- Increased monster damage by 40%
- Increased hp of monsters in the desert by 50%, deadland by 30% and frozen land by 15%
- Increased the damage of monsters (in addition to the general 40%) in the desert by 20%, frozen land by 38% for lower level monsters and 25% for higher level monsters
- Reduced max hp bonuses on bluesteel and red satinwood bracelets as well as medallion of nagaris
- Increased max hp enchantment from 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 to 200, 350, 500, 750 and 1000 respectively
- Tweaked hp regeneration of some bosses to be in quicker intervals, but lower amounts
- Buffed weapon defense enchantments from 1%, 2%, 4%, 7% and 12% to 2%, 4%, 6%, 10% and 15% respectively
- Reset everyones status points

- Fixed some bad tree colliders on Deadland
- Fixed guild mission complete/failed status not getting translated
- Fixed pet following player even while invisible
- Fixed an unwalkable bridge on Jurdana
- Fixed the two doorways near Kadir being hard to walk through in the desert
- Fixed visual effects (like poison particles) not correctly attaching to monsters
- Fixed dead trees in the desert being very wobbly
- Fixed a rare edge case that could lead to items disappearing after dropping them and picking them up instantly

UPDATE 02.11.2022

New Features
- Itemshop UI now shows item tooltip when hovering the icon
- Clicking on a material in the crafting ui will now open the recipe, if it's craftable at the current npc

- Ranking rewards now show item count on the preview icon
- Tweaked text of the "leave instance" button to be shorter
- Tweaked some npc positions in the City of Nodrog
- Tweaked monster and rift name colors
- Changed (mini-)map tooltip background to be darker, making text easier to read
- Shortened potion hp/mp restore tooltip line
- Moved some decorative boulders around in Jurdana
- Improved map collisions in deadland cave
- Temporarily removed some spiderwebs from deadland cave due to lighting issues
- Slight cpu performance boost due to engine improvements
- Improved object/map collisions on the following maps: Deadland, Deadland Cave, Desert
- Increased size of the guild role info window
- Improved vegetation rendering, higher performance and better visuals
- Simplified grass distance/density into a single grass quality setting
- Added grass interaction setting to the settings ui which was previously set automatically
- Lowered frozen land brightness slightly
- Tweaked gradient of the pop-up chat background to be more solid near the top
- Pop-up chat does not block clicks anymore
- Pop-up chat is now limited to showing a maximum of 10 messages at once

Balance updates
- Aggressive karma rank now gives the intended -1% drop chance penalty instead of the -10% it was previously
- Karma gained from monster kills now scales with level difference, like other loot
- "Dangerous creatures" guild mission now counts kills via damage done instead of final hits, as long as a guild does 30% or more of the total damage to the specific boss, it counts as a kill

- Fixed reflections not refreshing in some cases
- Fixed scrollbar of the event ui showing under the minimap even if there is no events
- Fixed whisper ui not scrolling to the bottom when minimized
- Fixed clicking on an attackable target while not being able to attack with the current weapon not walking towards it
- Fixed roots and hanging moss in deadland cave being lit too brightly
- Fixed initial player shop naming popup using the wrong kind of input ui
- Fixed "/help help" causing a disconnect
- Fixed bad collision on a sandstone pillar in the desert
- Fixed very slow monster/player movement being jumpy instead of smooth
- Fixed monster name height not taking height variation into account
- Fixed an edge case in harvesting causing it to not work the first time
- Fixed harvest animation not playing for other players
- Fixed name toggle hotkey working while writing into a text field

Halloween Week #1

Halloween Week #2

Halloween Week #3

Halloween Week #4

UPDATE 14.09.2022

New Features
- UI sliders can now be operated with the mouse scroll wheel
- Minimap zoom is now infinitely variable instead of 5 predefined steps, can be controlled with the mouse scroll wheel and doesn't reset between teleports
- Added "Special Weapons Delivery" guild mission

- Guild upkeep cost in the levelup window has thousands seperators now
- Npc shop buy dialogue defaults to buying a whole stack if you can afford multiple stacks
- Removed obsolete hunting lodge map marker from jurdana
- Added tone mapping to the post processing stack in order to make very bright colors look more reasonable
- Small performance improvement on some hardware to sky rendering
- Added an explicit close button to the hud chat
- Added tooltip to the open log button on the hud chat
- After creating a character the game will automatically start instead of just loading in the character selection
- Added the empire name to the empire selection during character creation
- Added the gender name to the gender selection during character creation
- Corrected female gender icon
- Changed the rule window accept/close button to be an actual button
- Added a cancel button to the esc menu
- Network errors will now display an actual reason instead of "n/a" for most issues
- Some changes to networked movement that should result in slightly smoother monster movement for bad connections and less bandwidth use in general (~50%)

Balance updates
- Tweaked the way monster spawn timers work to not respawn monsters near-instantly
- Reduced minimum level to use the global chat to 5

- Fixed guild creation level requirement error saying something about inviting someone to a guild
- Fixed account wide storage scroll speed
- Fixed map window clipping out of screen bounds after teleporting to a map with different size
- Fixed scrolling scrollbars in the character selection still zooming the camera
- Fixed rift spawn sfx not playing in 3d and thus being audible far away
- Fixed equipment icons not being aligned properly in the trade window
- Fixed half demon sword attacks not playing attack sounds

UPDATE 03.08.2022

New Features
- Equipment now has a small icon next to it to make it easier to distinguish at a glance. The icon is red if the equipment is not for your character class
- Trade window now adds thousands separators to your own gold offer
- You can now quick-move items into the enchanter window
- Items and gold on the floor now flash before despawning
- You can now buy up to 10 stacks of items from an npc at once
- You can now quick-buy a whole stack from an npc by right-clicking with the quick-move key held (shift by default)
- The inferna rules/guidelines are now also available in-game via the ESC menu
- Empty equipment slots now show a tooltip with their type

- More effect sounds are loaded in the background before playing to reduce fps stutters
- Tweaked weather randomization to roll bad weather less often
- Slight performance tweak in text rendering for common latin script characters
- Armor traders in the starter towns don't sell weapons anymore
- Reward panel in the quest window is now hidden when there's no rewards
- Common rarity items now also have a gray outline (similar to higher rarity ones) to make dark items easier to see
- A warning is shown when trying to de-equip an item with no space left
- Tweaked ambient occlusion strength
- Added some color to the skill tooltips level/exp lines

Balance updates
- Reduced prices of hp potions (small from 50 to 32 gold, regular from 150 to 90, greater from 250 to 150 and super from 600 to 250)
- In order to make the game more accessible for beginners, most equipment world drops will be for the class of your character now instead of an equal mix
- MP will not be automatically restored to full when reviving

- Fixed an edge case where the character would not move to a target when clicking on it
- Fixed a bug preventing the character walking to an item to pick it up
- Fixed emotions not showing their cooldown in the skill window
- Fixed some bugs in the sound overlap limiting logic
- Fixed many items bags dropping at once by for example a rift would drown out any other sounds
- Fixed name toggle keybind sometimes changing the setting permanently
- Fixed environment time of day oscillating in some circumstances right after login
- Fixed switching to full screen resetting the selected resolution
- Fixed untranslated text in the player shop ui/name
- Fixed untranslated text in the character creation
- Fixed character skin shader not rendering shadows
- Fixed grainy rendering, especially noticable in darker areas
- Fixed ambient occlusion not turning off when disabling the post processing section
- Fixed successful skill book read still mentioning a level up
- Fixed skill tooltip showing exp in the next level section as well

HOTFIX 04.06.2022

Balance updates
- Some young mega gazer attacks cause knockback

- Fixed buttons not interacting correctly sometimes due to the engine update
- Fixed some supporter related translation issues
- Fixed very long status effect durations now displaying correctly

UPDATE 01.06.2022

New Features
- Introducing the supporter system!
This is a direct replacement and upgrade for the previous exp/gold/loot potions obtained from the itemshop.
Depending on your supporter rank, you will be able to pick and choose a combination of these to be active on all players of your account with more perks and goodies to come in the future.
Supporter ranks can be obtained in 1 month increments.

- Tweaked the way environment reflections are rendered to improve visuals during dark/rainy conditions
- Tweaked vegetation wetness during rain

Balance updates
- The young mega gazer chase radius has been increased significantly

- Fixed an AI freeze when monsters would reach the end of their chase radius
- Fixed first inventory page button still not working quite right when dragging and item over it
- Fixed some broken horse hair materials
- Fixed friend list/player right-click content menu being unusable
- Fixed a server side memory leak that caused crashes which the new engine upgrade introduced

HOTFIX 20.05.2022

New Features
- You can now also quick-move items from the inventory into the smithing window

- Fixed switching intenvory pages while dragging an item not working sometimes
- Fixed clicking on intenvory page buttons dropping the item being dragged

HOTFIX 13.05.2022

- Fixed broken horse shaders
- Fixed fog not affecting water and some other transparent effects
- Fixed HDR monitors displaying the game very dark

UPDATE 12.05.2022

New Features
- Upgraded engine for increased performance, we're seeing an fps increase of up to 50% in some cases
- AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 (FSR) is now used for upscaling and finer steps for render scale have been added
- Ambient Occlusion post processing effect is now faster
- Increased maximum shadow texture resolution for even crisper shadows on the ultra setting

- Updated lighting & ceiling height inside the pyramid
- Updated jurdana ground textures
- Grass is less shiny

- Fixed ingame time of day sync glitching at midnight

ATUALIZAÇÃO 02.02.2022

Novas Características
- Monstros agoram variam levemente em seus tamanhos, velocidade e recompensas em ouro/experiência
- Houve notícias que a Terra Congelada agora está ficando mais instável e raramente corrompendo monstros para ainda mais bestas ferozes
- Um quarto encantamento agora pode ser adicionado para armas de nível 57 e equipamentos de nível 56

- Removido variações de monstros jovens em Nibor e Jurdana
- Ajustado nomes de alguns monstros animais em Nibor e Jurdana
- Popup de depósito/retirada de guilda agora também tem um campo de input em adição ao slider
- Aumentado range do lod da loja do jogador
- Usar provocaçõe de monstros irão remover efeito de status proteção de spawn imediatamente
- Alterações no comportamento de monstros depois de matarem um jogador
- Interface da loja de um jogador agora fecha quando se afastar da loja
- Quando um monstro ou fenda dropa muitos items, agora são mais espalhados.
- Leve aumento de performance nas esferas de experiência

Atualizações de Balanço
- Ajustado levemente experiência de monstros para estar mais de acordo com o respectivo nível do monstro
- Ataques de monstros de longo alcance agora podem ser defendidos com defesa de arco
- Aumentado levemente chance de queda em geral na dungeon do Zagan (Ainda é mais baixa do que o normal)
- Reduzido empurrão da habilidade Investida do guerreiro
- Baús do Zagan agora juntam até 20.
- Reduzido dano de monstros de longo alcance em Montanhas de Jerro e Terras Devastadas de Caratas
- Alterado dano de alguns monstros corpo a corpo Montanhas de Jerro e Terras Devastadas de Caratas
- Aumentado dano de monstros de nível mais baixo na Terra Morta
- Alterado dano de Besouro e Escorpião Mortal
- Reduzido hp de Vampiro, Vampiro Faminto, Manticora, Mantiroca Infectada
- Alterado níveis das fendas para serem multíplas de 5
- Reduzido chance de queda de livro de habilidade
- Reduzido chance de quedra de essência do inferno
- Joias dos níveis 1-22, 28-42 e 48-58 respectivamente possuem o mesmo custo de encantamento e re-encatamento.
- Custo de reencamento de item é agora influenciado quantos encantamentos o item possui

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido erro de tradução na missão do artefato da Caverna da Terra Morta quando tentando entregar os artefatos e não possuindo nenhum no seu inventário
- Corrigido reset de status via interface do personagem não funcionando
- Corrigido um caso extremo onde interações de itens (usando, vendendo, melhorando, encantando, ..) seria comunicado apenas por suas posições e se trocados antes de confirmar seriam interagidos com o item trocado.
- Corrigido uma posição de spawn ruim de uma fenda na Terra Congelada
- Corrigido texto sobrepondo-se com números grandes nos slides de confirmação
- Corrigido não podendo dar zoom in/out com um tecla enquanto o mouse estivesse sobre qualquer interface
- Corrigido um material de tapete não aparado
- Corrigido um erro de arredondamento em distribuição de experiência em grupo causando perda de experiência(somente relevante em níveis muito baixos)
- Corrigido atributos negativos não aparecendo em vermelho nas interfaces
- Corrigido clima não sincronizando
- Corrigido um problema que causava a detecção de golpe do ataque de um jogador ser levemente atrasada

HOTFIX 11.01.2022

- Teleporte de retorno para cidade de Jerro movido para fora da casa para evitar que saídas fossem bloqueadas por outros jogadores

ATUALIZAÇÃO 01.12.2021

- Máximo de dívida de guilda para taxa de guilda é agora de no máximo 4 semenas de taxa de guilda (em efeito próxima Segunda)

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido um problema de ranking ao contar a categoria de mobs
- Corrigido o nível mínimo para monstros da Dungeon do Zagan no desafio do Danji
- Corrigido uma descrição errada para a poeira de besouro

ATUALIZAÇÃO 03.11.2021

- O popup do resultado de baú aberto não acumula e em vez disso, é substituído.

Atualizações de Balanço
- Pó / fragmentos de gemas agora caem como "não identificados" em vez de todas as variantes diferentes para economizar espaço no inventário durante.
- Aumentado ligeiramente a taxa de queda de pó de gema
- Aumentado ligeiramente a taxa de queda de fragmentos de gema

Correções de Bugs
- Corrigido a impossibilidade de girar sua câmera com teclas de atalho enquanto o cursor do mouse estava sobre a interface do usuário
- Corrigidas imagens de visualização para algumas opções de personalização na criação do personagem não sendo mostradas corretamente
- Corrigido algumas dicas ausentes na criação do personagem

ATUALIZAÇÃO 20.10.2021

Novas Características
- Integrado redefinição de pontos de status na interface de stat

- Melhorado performance de interface de dicas

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido lag de fps com janela de stats aberta

ATUALIZAÇÃO 13.10.2021

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido desincronização de status de montado acontecendo algumas vezes depois de logar/trocar de mapa

ATUALIZAÇÃO 08.10.2021

Novas Características
- É hora para a temporada assustadora - nós começamos o evento de Halloween!
- Quando adicionando um item à sua loja irá sugerir um preço se esse item já está na loja

- Alterado levemente tamanho dos cavalos
- Quando montado em um cavalo, o seu pé irá alinhar com os estribos corretamente

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido um pico de lag no cliente quando uma loja de jogador atualizava seu inventário
- Corrigido alguns problemas de pico de lag na interface

ATUALIZAÇÃO 29.09.2021

Novas características
- Adicionada uma seção de estatísticas estendida à janela de status do personagem
- Pontos de habilidade/status disponíveis agora também são exibidos como emblemas nos botões do hud

- Montaria de leão inicial alterada para um dos novos modelos de montaria de leão

Atualizações de Balanço
- Aranha Homem também tem drop fragmentos de gema
- Montagem/Desmontagem agora leva 0,2s e 0,8s, respectivamente

Correções de bugs
- Corrigida a aba de emote que ficava vazia quando nenhuma subclasse foi selecionada
- Corrigido slots da hotbar às vezes não salvavam corretamente
- Corrigido um caso extremo na execução de habilidades que poderia causar uma desincronização ao trocar de armas antes de lançar uma habilidade
- Corrigido um caso extremo na IA de monstro que poderia fazer com que ele travasse
- Corrigido um caso extremo em que as lojas de jogadores não geravam corretamente
- Corrigido alguns problemas visuais com videiras em Nibor/Jurdana

ATUALIZAÇÃO 22.09.2021

- Colisões de pedras num rio ao atravessar em Nibor melhoradas

Atualizações de Balanço
- Adicionado/Removido alguns spawns de monstros em Montanhas de Jerro e Terras Devastadas de Caratas para agora serem iguais em termos de quais/quantos aparecem

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido padre em Nibor ido fazer uma caminhada em volta da igreja
- Corrigido sendo desconectado ao invés de teletransportado quando um combate de torneio pvp acaba

ATUALIZAÇÃO 17.09.2021

Novas Características
- Adicionado gemas fabricáveis que podem ser inseridas em armas e peitorais
- Adicionado receitas de fabricação para melhorar essências mágicas para sua melhor forma
- PvP Temporada #1 começou!

- Ícone de Essência do Inferno atualizado

Atualizações de Balanço
- Tempo de aparecimento e local de Hidra ajustados
- Hidra é levemente resistente a atordoamento

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido algumas geometrias de casas duplicadas na cidade
- Corrigido alguns machados suspensos no ar em Nibor
- Corrigido ícones não aparecendo nos slots de equipamento

UPDATE 08.09.2021

- Slight reduction in required bandwidth for monster movement syncing
- Emotions can be interrupted by simply walking in any direction
- No need to pause attacking to go on/off your mount anymore

UPDATE 18.08.2021

- Updated socketing ui

Balance updates
- MP consuming status effects now expire when there isn't enough MP left to sustain them

- Fixed trees wobbling when loading higher res models
- Fixed grass interactions/rift grass hiders not working sometimes
- Fixed missing red text color when an item has a negative status in the item tooltip
- Fixed missing blue text color for enchantments in the item tooltip
- Fixed enchantment texts being moved way to the side in the enchanter ui

ATUALIZAÇÃO 11.08.2021

- Reduzido tamanho da build removendo alguns assets não usados

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido uma trapaça que permitia vender itens a qualquer npc
- Corrigido uma trapaça que permitia atacar com um arco/varinha de uma distância muito mais longa do que permitida
- Corrigido sincronização instável do movimento do personagem

ATUALIZAÇÃO 04.08.2021

Novas Características
- O ouro agora pode ser armazenado no armazém compartilhado

- Melhorias nas colisões de mapas de cavernas de terra morta (por favor, relate quaisquer spots ruins restantes que você perceber)
- Sincronização de movimento do jogador aprimorada

Correções de Bugs
- Corrigidas texturas de solo misturadas em Jurdana
- Corrigido recorte d'água no terreno próximo ao lago em Jurdana
- Corrigido desconexões ocasionais em mapas ocupados
- Corrigido fendas não removendo mais a vegetação ao seu redor
- Corrigido grama não interagindo ao caminhar por ela corretamente
- Corrigido algumas sombras de vegetação quebrados ("texturas rosa")
- Corrigidas partículas quebradas do pet Gazer Congelado
- Corrigido lançamento de habilidades às vezes sendo absorvidas pelo servidor
- Corrigido o tipo de monstro não traduzido na interface do usuário alvo do boss

ATUALIZAÇÃO 28.07.2021

Nesta atualização, atualizamos nossa versão da engine. Isso deve levar a um ligeiro aumento no desempenho e corrigir alguns bugs do mecanismo (notavelmente, podemos usar o vsync novamente).
Caso contrário, tudo deve ser parecido e sentir o mesmo. Se você encontrar algum bug ou degradação de desempenho, por favor, entre em contato

Novas Características
- VSync está disponível nas opções gráficas novamente
- Além de um controle deslizante, agora também há uma entrada de número para fps
- Adicionada opção para destravar completamente o fps

- Sistemas unificados de grama e árvores na maioria dos mapas
- Ajuste da direção da luz na seleção de personagens

Correções de Bugs
- Corrigidos reflexos ambientais ruins na pirâmide
- Corrigido um caso extremo na descoberta de caminho que levava a algumas paredes invisíveis unilaterais no meio do nada (principalmente na cidade)
- Corrigido personagens femininos que não olhavam para a câmera corretamente
- Corrigido um caso extremo na IA de monstro que poderia causar um pequeno pico de lag no servidor
- Corrigidos alguns erros de tradução no pop-up de confirmação de lançamento de habilidades da guilda

ATUALIZAÇÃO 24.07.2021

Novas características
- Backend de rede novo e aprimorado - melhores tempos de ping e menos lag, especialmente para conexões piores (backend antigo ainda está disponível nas configurações do jogo)

- Melhor comportamento aggro para monstros, eles mudarão de alvo mais prontamente
- Uso reduzido de largura de banda de movimento de monstros, isso tem sido um problema para alguns jogadores, especialmente para áreas altamente povoadas (por exemplo, Pirâmide, Masmorra de Zagan)
- A tentativa de lançar uma habilidade de guilda pedirá confirmação
- A duração do cooldown da habilidade agora é formatada como uma duração em vez de um número simples

Atualizações de Balanceamento
- Pela Rochosa continua ganhando resistência à queda ao evoluir para Grande Mestre (anteriormente, havia uma queda ao evoluir para Grande Mestre)

Correções de Bugs
- Corrigidos alguns bugs relacionados ao aggro de monstros e casos extremos
- Corrigida a barra de saúde do boss não aparecendo de forma consistente quando perto de um boss
- Corrigido ping às vezes não atualizando corretamente

ATUALIZAÇÃO 07.07.2021

Novas características
- Fendas agora ocultam a maioria das gramas / plantas ao redor delas em mapas retrabalhados para torná-las mais visíveis

- Modelos de monstro agora são carregados em segundo plano para reduzir quedas de quadro ao entrar em uma nova área
- Monstros agora se movem mais suavemente
- As entidades agora são carregadas de forma mais gradual quando se movem, isso deve reduzir as quedas de frame que algumas pessoas notaram desde a atualização em 23.06
- O movimento do jogador é sincronizado um pouco mais rápido e deve parecer um pouco mais rápido

Correções de Bugs
- Corrigido um caso extremo em que a biblioteca de rede às vezes pulava a sincronização após o servidor estar em execução por aproximadamente 6 dias
- Corrigido um caso extremo em que a conexão com um servidor atingia o tempo limite para algumas pessoas
- Corrigido procedimento de desligamento desconectando todos os jogadores instantaneamente em vez de esperar 10s

ATUALIZAÇÃO 30.06.2021

- Alcançe de visão aumentado para corresponder ao anterior das ultimas atualizações passadas
- Pequenos ajustes de respostas

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido um pequeno erro na estatísticas de rastreamento
- Corrigido comprar moedas numa conta não vinculado à Steam não funcionando se a Steam estivesse aberta
- Corrigido um bug de servidor no código de visibilidade
- Corrigido problemas de sicronização, notável especialmente, já que desmontar/montar as vezes não funcionava
- Corrigido um bug raro em duelos, as vezes, causando ativar o modo livre de PvP após o duelo finalizar.

UPDATE 03.06.2021

Balance updates
- Level 1 weapons +0 don't drop anymore
- Increased drop chance of level 1 weapons +1
- Level 1 weapons all have the same price/gold value

- Fixed items going invisible when adding to a player shop with not enough space to fit the item

HOTFIX 28.05.2021

- Fixed item binding being lost when splitting stacks
- Fixed daily gold reward chests being bound to the player that earned them

UPDATE 27.05.2021

- Teleportation Scroll (City & Return), Potion of Health Regeneration, Rift Compass, Potion of Vanishing, Blink, Teleport Charm Refresh, Shop Time (48h), Potion of Health, Antidote, Ultra Speed Potion are now tradable, however new items received from the "Daily Hunt" quest will be locked to the character they were earned on as they were previously.
- Artifacts can now be traded

Balance updates
- Player shop time was doubled

- Fixed a bug where players with negative rank could drop items they weren't allowed to drop/trade

UPDATE 19.05.2021

- Using a teleport item inside a instance asks for confirmation before leaving now
- The "restart at start" respawn button is now disabled in instances to prevent accidentally leaving them when misclicking
- Tweaked view range for monster quest highlights (seen during "kill quests")
- Clicking on an npc to open their ui again after closing it is now more responsive

- Fixed cancelled guild missions causing replacement guild missions to fail during the duration timer of the previous mission running out
- Fixed a guild mission related memory leak
- Fixed some minimap path rendering bugs
- Fixed an edge case where name text would misbehave for the first frame after spawning

UPDATE 06.05.2021

- Toxic Undead Horse armor is now colored appropriately
- Some quest markers now flash on the map/minimap

- Fixed an edge case in the matchmaker that caused it to lock up in some cases when it lost connection to the backend
- Fixed experience spheres continuously flying around a character (especially at low fps)
- Fixed a few npc dialogue ui issues
- Fixed some ui highlight issues




UPDATE 21.04.2021

- Artifacts can now be transferred to the shared storage
- Multiple artifacts can be collected at once
- Tweaked event chests to contain both the armored & non-armored horse variant based on user feedback

- Fixed the event chests not being stackable
- Fixed localization error of the refining potion
- Fixed first ranking getting marked as read without the ui being opened
- Fixed itemshop item descriptions not resizing to their text length

ATUALIZAÇÃO 15.04.2021

Novas Características
- O evento Ramadan começou, ajude seus concidadãos e seja recompensado

- Removido baús de pinturas globais e chaves da Loja de Itens
- Removido sons estranhos de respiração quando em um cavalo

Atualizações de Balanço
- Rebalançeada a taxa de queda do artefato e a quantidade necessária do artefato
- Queda de artefato escala com chance de queda e diferença de nível

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido uma habilidade relacionado a leak de memória
- Corrigido um erro de texto no início da missão do arqueólogo que você tinha que dar mais um artefato além do requerido
- Corrigido jogadores invisíveis sendo mostrados no minimapa
- Corrigido tradução errônea da interface de melhoramento
- Corrigido sons de passos não sendo emitidos quando em um cavalo
- Corrigido aba de Jogabilidade começando no meio ao invés de começar em cima

ATUALIZAÇÃO 07.04.2021

Novas características
- Acrescentada a missão de pesquisa de artefatos do arqueoligista

- Removida o aparecimento de cesta de páscoa & quedas de ovos de páscoa, você tem até a próxima semana para trocar qualquer ovo de páscoa restante com Wakai

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido o zoom mínimo em mapas menores sendo muito grande
- Corrigido muitos erros de tradução
- Corrigido UI de refinamento sobrepondo com nomes de encantamento mais longos
- Corrigido no minimapa pontos de monstros/fendas sobrepondo ponto do jogador, agora eles estão devidamente ordenados novamente
- Corrigido partículas de efeito de status de aura sombria sendo completamente opacas
- Corrigida uma má colisão no lago em Jurdana
- Corrigido algumas más colisões de rochas em Nibor
- Corrigido "Varinha de Mercúrio" sendo erroneamente chamada de "Bastão de Mercúrio" apesar de ser uma varinha
- Corrigido teletransporte ou reconectando-se causando perda de hp em alguns casos
- Corrigido ícones de durações de efeito de status às vezes se sobrepõem, se forem longas
- Corrigido botões de diálogo npc que sobrepõe quando o texto é muito longo
- Corrigido fendas/monstros que nasciam em zonas seguras
- Corrigido queda de itens caindo em partes inacessíveis do mapa em casos raros

- Algumas mudanças de textos para fazer o arqueólogo menos confuso

Atualização de Balanceamento**
- Primeira missão do arqueólogo requer um pouco mais de artefatos, porém maior chance de queda

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido itens que antes tinham negociação bloqueada não se juntando a outros do mesmo

ATUALIZAÇÃO 31.03.2021

Novas características
- Wakai está de volta! Ela ainda está na caça ao ovos de páscoa e irá trocar conjuntos completos por todos os tipos de guloseimas
- Teclas agora são mostradas para alguns botões da HUD are now shown for some of the HUD nas dicas de ferramentas

- Texto da HUD grande é levemente maior

ATUALIZAÇÃO 24.03.2021

Correção de Bugs
- Corrigido botão de rankings as vezes não atualizando o número de novos rankings
- Corrigido pedra no meio do caminho em Jurdana

ATUALIZAÇÃO 20.03.2021

- Aumento dos níveis de zoom de minimapa
- Maior qualidade de imagem do mapa/minimapa

Correções de Erros
- Corrigido monstros mortos e fendas fechadas ainda aparecendo no minimapa
- Corrigido destaques de missão no mapa grande sendo extremamente pequeno
- Corrigido nome de ranking transbordando quando muito longo
- Corrigido água não sendo visível no mapa/minimapa

ATUALIZAÇÃO 19.03.2021

Novas Características
- Um recente deslizamento de terra revelou uma expansão maciça para a Terra Morta (& atualização visual geral do mapa da Terra Morta)
- Atualização da interface do Ranking irá notificá-lo sobre novos rankings

- O Minimapa é um pouco mais rápido
- O Minimapa tem níveis de zoom consistentes em todos os mapas
- Minimapa não zera o nível de zoom entre as mudanças no mapa
- Alterada a cor da aba de habilidade inativa para ser mais legível

Atualizações do balanço
- Alcance ajustado dos arqueiros em Terras Devastadas de Caratas & Montanhas de Jerro para ser mais baixo
- Redução da chance de veneno de serpentes em Terras Devastadas de Caratas & Montanhas de Jerro
- Redução do alcance dos morcegos na Caverna da Terra Morta

Correção de Bug
- Corrigido sons de passos e UI deslizadores sendo trocados
- Corrigido nomes da loja de itens sobrepõem-se se forem muito longos
- Corrigidos alguns bugs de tradução
- Corrigido algumas árvores/moitas com uma textura branca
- Corrigido Botão "B" do controle sendo forçado a "ESC" (pode ter que redefinir suas configurações de entrada para que isso tenha efeito)
- Corrigido não ser capaz de reativar a UI

ATUALIZAÇÃO 11.03.2021

- Removido traduções extremamente desatualizadas e inacabadas de turco, polonês, romeno, russo, italiano e húngaro. A maioria de nossas traduções são feitas pela comunidade, portanto, se você gostaria de ajudar, entre em contato pelo nosso discord!
- Redução do espaço necessário em disco em ~9GB, o jogo também deve carregar mais rápido em discos mais lentos
- Os hp/level dos membros do grupo agora são visíveis em todos os lugares quando no mesmo mapa

Correções de erros
- Corrigido corte de cabelo atravessando o Elmo de Obsidiana de meio demônio
- Corrigido má textura das Grevas do Caminhante em magas
- Corrigido Armadura do Caçador de Recompensa/Pirata tendo trocado visual uns com os outros
- Corrigido outro erro de invisibilidade do nome
- Corrigido caixa de inserção em campos de entrada às vezes desaparecem em resoluções mais baixas
- Corrigido dica de vazio/arrastar de bloqueando o campo de busca no armazém compartilhado
- Corrigidos alguns erros de tradução
- Corrigido ui mostrando brevemente ao desconectar do jogo
- Corrigido dano para espíritos de fogo não sendo mostrados nas informações sobre o efeito da habilidade/status
- Corrigido um bug do grupo causando a perda da preferência pelo canal do mapa
- Corrigido um bug do grupo potencialmente causando a "autodestruição" do grupo ao trocar de mapas
- Corrigido chat de grupo

ATUALIZAÇÃO 02.03.2021

- Melhorias na iluminação da caverna da Terra Morta
- Ajustes de nevoeiro na masmorra de Zagan, caverna da terra morta e cripta de Rondors/Vondors
- Redução do uso de ram
- Limitação de vram/textura de streaming funciona em mais texturas

Atualizações de balanceamento
- Removidos os monstros da masmorras de zagan do desafio diário da caça
- O desafio diário da caça ficou um pouco mais fácil

Correção de bugs
- Corrigido outro bug relacionado à invisibilidade do nome escondido
- Corrigido efeito de status ficando travado em alguns casos
- Corrigido tamanho de textura de personagens dinâmicos sendo formatado incorretamente

UPDATE 20.02.2021

Daily Quests are now available for all players level 20+!

New Features
- Dodor is handing out hunting challenges every day with special rewards

- Increased fence sizes in Caratas Wasteland to match Nibor
- Shared storage now shows the help text if empty
- Performance and lighting improvements to Zagan's Dungeon
- Reduced grass height on Reworked Jerro maps
- Gold is formatted in the chest tooltip properly

- Fixed some map collision issues in the Caratas Wasteland and Jerro Highlands
- Fixed players being able to attack other players while in a safezone
- Fixed player shop title accepting too long names, it's limited to 32 characters now

HOTFIX 04.02.2021

- Skill exchange potion quest now only shows when relevant

- Fixed bad collision on the warriors "Wind Cut" skill on master leading to it hitting only once

UPDATE 03.02.2021

New Features
- Rumors of a skill swap potion are spreading across Pangeus

- Fixed shared storage ban not being shown in item tooltips
- Fixed not being able to move items into shared storage by clicking to pickup and then clicking again to drop
- Fixed skill cooldowns not resetting correctly in some cases in the competitive pvp arena

UPDATE 30.01.2021

HOTFIX 01.02.2021
- Fixed a bug in the point calculation for the competitive pvp arena, all existing points have been reset to the start value

HOTFIX #2 31.01.2021
Balance updates
- Reduced healing of the wizards "Purify" skill slightly
- Reduced damage of the half demons "Fire Spirits" skill
- The half demons "Fire Spirits" skill can't stun, poison or slow anymore

- Fixed another bug leading to fight counts being lost

HOTFIX 31.01.2021
Balance updates
- Innate magic defense was reduced by half
- Restored some of the innate magic damage

- Fixed large hud text sticking not being reset after leaving the arena

UPDATE 30.01.2021
New Features
- Added a competitive 1v1 pvp arena

- Items with more than one enchantment now need extra confirmation when selling to an npc
- Players with negative karma don't drop items in duels anymore, only in world pvp
- The player target hud is more compact now
- Target hud buttons to send popups have a slight cooldown now
- Improved matchmaking speed

Balance updates
- Status effect bonus of the "Mana Sphere" wizard skill has been changed from "Resist Damage" to "Resist Hit Damage" and only works reduces normal attack damage now
- There is no more innate magic damage given for leveling up or putting points in intelligence. All magical skills still increase their damage with intelligence as before
- Reduced weapon defense enchantments from 15%, 10%, 6%, 4% and 2% to 12%, 7%, 4%, 2% and 1% respectively
- The warriors "Charge" and "Raging Flame" skills can now stun
- The following skills now rotate towards the target properly: Wind Cut, Cosmic Slash, Earth Split, Soul Slash, Breaker, Quick Attack
- The warriors "Stone Skin" skill now gives knockdown resistance on master and higher
- The half demons "Fire Spirits" skill had it's magic damage buff removed and now attacks enemies around you periodically

- Fixed invisibility breaking name texts in some cases
- Fixed multiple grass interactors being spawned on the same entity in some cases
- Fixed some ui bugs that may sometimes happen on first login due to late ui spawn timing
- Fixed some popups (e.g. party invites) being unclosable after logging out with them open
- Fixed a bug prevening auto-attacking after a skill was used, it now always resumes attacking if it was before

UPDATE 20.01.2021

- Fixed some mobs being invisible
- Fixed missing grass on some maps

UPDATE 13.01.2021

New Features
- Most grass on the Nibor map (Caratas starter town) is now 3d and reacts to characters (depending on object quality setting)
- Added a few more props to the Caratas Wasteland map

- Fixed a rare quest bug related to tracking npcs
- Fixed some bad map collisions on Caratas Wasteland
- Fixed sound volume being set to very low, but not completely muted after switching maps
- Fixed some movement glitches on vertically overlapping areas (deadland cave, houses)
- Fixed some vegetation on a deadland house being invisible close up
- Fixed pyramid respawn point not being in front of the portal
- Fixed some special mobs spawning too close to walls
- Fixed incorrect icon on the Monster Hunter Chestplate

UPDATE 06.01.2021

New Features
- Reworked vegetation on the Caratas Wasteland map

- Increased gold drop and item drop name distance
- Reduced ram usage slightly (~500MB at best) due to some shader optimizations
- Danji has packed up his things and has left the cities
- Removed (now useless) tickets and refunded any left over gold tickets
- Moved teleporter outside his house in Nodrog

Balance updates
- Reduced start lion mount movement speed

UPDATE 30.12.2020

New Features
- Added a little something for all the pyromaniacs to celebrate the end of the year

- Camera can look up a little further and zoom out a bit more
- Camera is now centered on the players head
- Added some background mountains to the Nibor map

- Fixed rifts in the Frozen Land spawning too close to walls
- Fixed horses going sideways in some cases while rotating to the floor slope
- Fixed performance penalty even with ambient occlusion disabled

UPDATE 23.12.2020

New Features
- Added ambient occlusion for improved visuals

- Added additional props to the Nibor map (Caratas starter town)
- Small improvements to the half-demons demon hand
- All mounts adhere to the ground slope now
- Skill books now stack to 200

Balancing changes
- Zagan now has some poison resistance

- Fixed Frozen Land portal not having a safe zone
- Fixed Frozen Land teleport not teleporting you to the portal
- Fixed swapped class description for the assassin during character creation
- Fixed some bad map collisions and rift spawns on the Frozen Land map
- Fixed some transparency issues on the event tree boss

UPDATE 17.12.2020

New Features
- Reworked vegetation on the "Nibor" map (Caratas starter town)

- Updated minimap images with higher quality versions
- Increased horse size so it matches the character better

Balance updates
- Changed the way monster stats are calculated, leading to slightly faster hp generation for all monsters (aside from Zargan bosses)

- Fixed missing post processing in the City Of Nodrog
- Fixed a small performance issue with displaying skill cooldowns
- Fixed some particles not displaying correctly
- Fixed some dynamic character glitches
- Fixed a bug in party handling leading to broken parties

UPDATE 10.12.2020

- Added distinct names to the starter towns & cities
- Increased shadow quality for close-up shadows
- Replaced discord button in the news window with a close button
- Improved dynamic character build performance
- Respawn buttons don't change positions anymore when the cooldown expires
- Critical hit damage numbers are more distinct

Balance updates
- 70 day guild contracts are now available

- Fixed some minor server-side performance issues
- Fixed some edge cases when exchanging tickets with a full inventory
- Fixed some ice projectiles and particle effects being invisible
- Fixed monster projectiles following indefinitely in some cases

HOTFIX 04.12.2020

- Fixed a display error showing all monster types as creature
- Fixed hyper potions expiring in real time as opposed to play time

HOTFIX 02.12.2020

- Shops & pets aren't avoided by the auto-walk anymore
- Auto-walk avoidance now stops near the end of the path

Balance updates
- Zagan's demon steel expires after 2 hours

UPDATE 01.12.2020

New Features
- Auto-Walk will now (try to) walk around monsters, players and npcs
- Added a new option to mute sound when tabbing out of the game
- Added weapon trail vfx when attacking
- New demon hand for male half demons

- Improved hit particles and increased hit wiggle
- Adjusted damage numbers to be a bit more yellow

Balance updates
- Increased player attack knockback distance
- Zagan's demon steel loses its magical properties after 12 hours
- Most bosses will aggro onto nearby players now

- Fixed an issue where the monster AI would stop attacking on slopes
- Fixed monsters attempting to aggro onto previous target even though they are out of range (noticable for rifts)
- Fixed some npcs being called "missing name" in some languages
- Fixed progress bar text not being cleared properly when max. guild level is reached (Congratulations SEKTE for reaching level 100!)

UPDATE 25.11.2020

New Features
- Danji has arrived in the city...
- The buy coin button now also works for players not playing via steam
- Character re-customization is now available via the itemshop

- Added new demon hand to the female half-demon
- Timed quest objectives behave a little better, failing/hiding when the time runs out
- Improved texture quality of distortion effects
- Improved shadow quality for very close objects

- Fixed some collision bugs, especially noticable on the first jerro map
- Fixed some monsters sliding on the floor after being knocked down
- Fixed the orc dogs hair not being transparent
- Fixed the player models skin shader not handling normals correctly, it should look a lot better now
- Fixed oversized search icon in the itemshop window

UPDATE 18.11.2020

New Features
- Skill icons now glow when the skill finishes it's cooldown

Balance updates
- Lowered monster requirement for "Monstrous activity in " guild missions
- Randomized monster spawn positions more on most maps

- Fixed some bad rock collisions in frozen land
- Fixed player level not being displayed in the target ui
- Fixed monsters sometimes not moving when failing to find a path the first time

UPDATE 28.10.2020

- Changed player target ui to be more concise

Balance updates
- Increase collider height of some smaller monsters so they are easier to hit

- Fixed some monsters not hitting their attacks consistently

UPDATE 23.10.2020

New Features
- The Halloween event is live! Help Reki correct his horrid mistake and collect goodies while doing so
- New and improved class selection during character creation
- Rankings are now available and the first one has already started - compete to win prizes!
- More detailed bloom & depth of field graphics settings
- Graphics settings for cloud quality, sun/moon light rays and aurora
- The increasing demonic influence seems to have been having adverse effects on half-demons..

- Particles (for example buffs) are now either hidden or made more transparent when invisible (only applies to yourself)
- Small dynamic character building performance improvement
- Monsters on the starting maps now have more visual variety
- Added additional starting items for new characters
- Adjusted name position for most monsters

- Fixed event countdown text not showing properly
- Fixed some sky/weather bugs
- Fixed a bad map collision around rocks in Frozen Land
- Fixed some translation bugs
- Fixed harpy feathers not being transparent where they should be
- Fixed ui tribal effect in window headers not rendering correctly
- Fixed fog rendering twice, making it thicker than intended (this should also be a slight performance improvement)

UPDATE 09.10.2020

We're happy to present the first major performance update!
There has been some big changes behind the scenes, so chances are there is still some small glitches.
We encourage you to fine-tune your graphics settings to get the best performance/quality for your system

New Features
- New and improved settings ui layout
- More detailed graphics settings
- A large earthquake seems to have disrupted the frozen land and caused one of the mountains to the north-east to crumble
- The night sky is now visible

- Switched to a more modern render backend
- Dynamic character generation is now more memory efficient
- Improved normal, critical and penetrating hit vfx

UPDATE 30.09.2020

New Features
- Items now have a highlight according to their rarity in the inventory
- An icon is now shown next to a monsters name if they are out of the players level range and won't drop any loot

- Improved map collision on Caratas, Caratas City, Jerro, Jerro City, Deadland and Frozen Land
- Small improvements to the party ui layout
- Guild member UI can now be sorted by online status
- The UI toggle hotkey is now bound to F11 by default (existing players may have to update this themselves)
- The UI toggle hotkey now also hides names of monsters/npcs/players/..

Balance updates
- Reduced rift respawn time on Frozen Land

- Fixed unequipping items being possible with a full inventory
- Fixed being able to enter the desert via the teleport before level 35

UPDATE 16.09.2020

New Features
- Added a few more "tab targeting" hotkeys for specifically selecting enemies or friendly targets

- By default TAB is now bound to selecting enemies only (existing users might have to rebind this themselves)
- Improved map collision of frozen land
- Hovered names show for a shorter time
- Pathfinding performance improvements
- Adjusted some npc positions and rotations slightly

- Fixed a pathfinding bug causing a lot of jittering when starting to walk somewhere
- Fixed player names glitching out and always showing sometimes
- Fixed shared storage not allowing to store more items sometimes

UPDATE 09.09.2020

New Features
- Account wide storage is now available
- An icon is now shown when your character riding a mount
- Shields are now shown ingame and can be toggled like helmets

- Improved map collision of deadland, jerro highland, caratas wasteland
- Skill tooltips now display the damage type

Balance updates
- Rifts in Zagans dungeon spawn monsters quicker

- Fixed some more bugs with the skill window (dark icons and not being able to upgrade)
- Fixed whispers with different casing of letters opening different windows
- Fixed being teleported back to the previous position when being knocked back while using the assassins "Backstab" skill
- Fixed a netcode bug that caused unnecessary delay

UPDATE 02.09.2020

New Features
- You can now press TAB to auto-select a target
- Added a hotkey binding to interact with the selected target (X by default)

- Skill window now also shows cooldowns
- Adjusted safe zones in both caratas/jerro town and city
- Remove the misleading "Recreate" button and display only the "Play" button during character selection
- Your player character will now look at you

Balance updates
- Adjusted attack hitbox of mounted attacks

- Fixed a bunch of netcode bugs & desyncs
- Fixed some monster and rifts spawning too close to safe zones
- Fixed skill ui being empty after a map change/relog sometimes
- Fixed skill ui not showing the "plus" button to upgrade a skill sometimes
- Fixed whispers not minimizing when pressing ESC
- Fixed hud chat not closing when pressing ESC
- Fixed expanded hud chat not layering over windows correctly
- Fixed a visual bug in the contract renew confirmation where the increase was shown as a very large number
- Fixed max hp/mp not being rounded in the stats window

HOTFIX 27.08.2020

- Remaining trade lock time is now displayed with more detail

Balance updates
- Guilds higher than level 25 have slightly more missions per day and active mission slots
- Guilds higher than level 25 get a 50%/50% split between normal/hard missions, with the normal ones having a lower reward
- Monsters can now move like players when being knocked back, this mostly affects bosses and bow/wand knockback

- Fixed a movement desync when attacking

UPDATE 26.08.2020

- Changed icons and names for some materials that had duplicate icons
- Some changes to the skill netcode that should have no visible effect, but might introduce new bugs
- Trade window formats gold with thousands seperators
- You can now also quick-move item to the trade/player shop window with shift click

Balance updates
- Character height was reduced by 10%
- "Portals from Hell" guild mission now gives slightly less activity points
- "Population control" guild mission now gives slightly more activity points
- The guild mission difficulty now increases a bit less in the higher guild levels
- Reduced difficulty of "Dangerous Creatures" guild mission slightly

- Fixed character names not always being above their heads
- Fixed not actually dying when taking lethal damage from reflection damage when you have hp steal

UPDATE 19.08.2020

- When choosing a sub-class the skills are now displayed for inspection instead of just listing their names as text
- Improved the deadland map
- Changed the arena environment to the new desert environment introduced in the update on 08.08.2020
- Improved the collision in the deadland cave further

Balance updates
- Buffed physical damage, both on weapons and the innate damage gained by leveling up (this also affects monsters)
- Buffed innate magical defense (this also affects monsters)

- Fixed a few untranslated texts in the character selection ui
- Fixed incorrect start level for deadland guild missions
- Fixed a translation error in the guild activity log about auto-kick of guild members without a contract
- Fixed not being able to hand out long guild contracts
- Fixed quest change sfx playing when using/picking up items in a few quests
- Fixed monsters giving up attacking when repeatedly being knocked back
- Fixed an edge cause causing guild mission counters to stop updating sometimes

UPDATE 12.08.2020

- Improved memory usage slightly

Balance updates
- Zagan's Demonsteel is now awarded when defeating Zagan
- Zagan's Demonsteel can now be sold to npcs

- Fixed fps drops when building many dynamic player/npc characters (for example in cities)

HOTFIX 09.08.2020

- Disabled vsync temporarily since an underlying engine bug causes inputs to still register even when the window is not focused

- Fixed expired player shops not despawning
- Fixed some indoor maps causing hair to turn black due to bad light settings

UPDATE 08.08.2020

New Features
- Added new HD character models
- Added new and improved character creation
- Improved desert map environment
- Added a setting to limit fps while the inferna window is not focused (this currently does not work with vsync enabled due to an underlying engine bug)

- Some server performance changes, some UIs should be a bit snappier (guilds, player shops)
- When killing a target the full damage is now shown instead of limiting it to the remaining hp
- Improved deadland cave collisions

- Fixed some text errors in the guild activity log
- Fixed player shops placed in zagans dungeon glitching out and breaking the dungeon when proceeding to the next level
- Fixed tiger mounts going very dark in the pyramid

UPDATE 27.07.2020

Just a small update this week while we're busy working on the HD character models which we're hoping to release next week.
Also a reminder for people who have not looked at Tsukamotos (the shady character lurking outside the city walls) deal yet: It's probably not going to last too much longer as the city guard catch wind of his offerings.

New Features
- Player shops now show the price per item if the stack has multiple items

- Canceling guild missions requires an extra confirmation now to prevent accidental cancellations

- Fixes monster highlights not being cleared correctly
- Fixes item counts in the trade window not resetting correctly

UPDATE 17.07.2020

New Features
- Guilds! Guild Skills! Guild Missions!
- Select to show or hide your helmet in the inventory!

- Fixed not selecting target when clicking on one sometimes
- Fixed a bad house placement on caratas
- Fixed T-posing when (dis)mouting

UPDATE 08.07.2020

- Sped up generation of characters (players and npcs)
- Corrected "Fire Spirits" description to describe how it is working currently

- Fixed an edge case that caused dying by damage reflect during a skill to get the character stuck in a "limbo" state between dead and alive
- Fixed warriors "Chain Helmet" sparkling on all upgrade levels
- Fixed "Fire Spirits" skill on female half demons not attacking
- Fixed potential (visually) clipping into hills with high speeds
- Fixed a glitched house in jerro

UPDATE 01.07.2020

New Features
- Added footstep sounds to all monsters
- Added missing ambient sounds to some maps

- Player shops can't be opened in the arena
- The tailor in jerro city now lives in a house again, after he was so rudely left without one a few updates ago (sorry!)

Balance updates
- The brown horse mount (and all other brown horse variants) now have the same base move speed as all other mounts
- Reduced Zagans dungeon cooldown (should be able to start again right away in most cases now)

- Fixed language update not syncing with the server until a restart
- Fixed some monster idle sounds
- Fixed some sound issues with flying monsters
- Fixed wrong footsteps for some floors
- Fixed a few monster spawns in deadland
- Fixed stash not closing if you walked away from the storekeeper
- Fixed not being able to re-enter zagans dungeon within the first few minutes after starting

UPDATE 24.06.2020

New Features
- Sounds are now limited to playing only a few of the same type - this should make fighting a horde of monsters more bearable on your ears
- Rifts now have sounds
- Ranged attacks (bow/wand) now also auto-select a target pointed at by the mouse cursor

Balance updates
- Rebalanced the half demons manashield skill, the skill now scales how much mp it costs to absorb damage instead of how much damage is absorbed

HOTFIX 04.06.2020

- Improved click handling during attacking, it will now just make the character face where you clicked instead of interrupting the attack

- Fixed a desync most commonly seen while attacking on assassins with daggers
- Fixed attacking not resuming on its own after a stun wears off

UPDATE 13.05.2020

New Features
- A new cave has opened up in the deadlands, what ancient mysteries could it hold? (Added new dungeon accessible from deadland)
- The cities now have more space to hang out
- A new shared arena map is now accessible by talking to Ninka in the city

- Improved pyramid performance
- Added some missing info to the skill tooltips
- Improved Jerro maps
- Empire change now teleports you to your new empires city

Balance updates
- Lizard mount movement speed was reduced to the intended 5%

- Fixed players sometimes teleporting around when being hit in pvp
- Fixed hp/mp not always saving when leaving the game or teleporting to another map
- Fixed an edge case that caused the pvp mode "guild" to not trigger free mode when dealing damage to friendly players
- Fixed some animal furs not being affected by fog

UPDATE 06.05.2020

New Features
- Added new "Red Lizard" mount
- Added new "Demonic Minion" pet

- Improved startup performance
- Stats are now formatted with more detail in the character info window
- Improved Jerro map collision
- Added a loading spinner to the character selection load
- Moved Jerro spawn point for new characters to the town gates

- Fixed a bug that caused some player characters not to build correctly (naked/no animation)
- Fixed some edge cases in the item equipment code that lead to stats not being added/removed properly
- Fixed players sometimes not sitting on their horse correctly

UPDATE 29.04.2020

New Features
- All armor pieces sparkle now from +7 onwards

- Reorganized and improved Caratas & Jerro City
- Updated ice land minimap
- Improved Caratas Wasteland map & navigation
- Improved Jerro map & navigation
- Incoming whispers now start minimized

- Fixed an issue with skills desyncing and not dealing any damage when used after each other
- Fixed reflected damage causing pvp free/karma loss if player damaged/killed themselves
- Fixed trade window not accepting items via click based item dragging (dragging via holding worked fine)

UPDATE 22.04.2020

New Features
- Upon respawn you are now invisible and invincible for a short time
- Camera now follows your characters rotation when auto-walking (this is configurable in the gameplay settings to off/only autowalk/always)
- Added a whisper button to player shops so you can talk to the owner directly

- The auto-walk path is now more visible
- Miscellaneous map improvements to caratas city, deadland, desert and ice land

Balance updates
- Weapon-specific defense is now slightly more effective against magic type damage (it is still quite ineffective)
- High level jewellery now has a reasonable sell value

- Fixed equipment slots not clearing properly
- Fixed another overlap issue in the target ui
- Fixed excessive lense flares of some building lights
- Fixed popups still being confirmed even when writing to chat
- Fixed only being able to buy an item from player shops if you have one more gold than required
- Fixed an edge case that made player shops not spawn

UPDATE 15.04.2020

- Easter egg drop was disabled, you've got another week to deliver existing eggs to Wakai
- Control Sensitivity can be increased further
- Some minor memory improvements
- Improved target bar
- Improved ice land map collisions
- In Zagan's Dungeon, the real key is now guaranteed to drop every time

Balance updates
- Increased natural magic defense of players

- Fixed a desync in the attack netcode, this should fix the "gliding" when attacking
- Fixed missing inventory slots after loading in
- Fixed weapon not reappearing after using an emotion
- Fixed a typo in the level 49 and 56 boots on +8/+9 stats
- Fixed "boss" hp bar overlaying players target buttons
- Fixed a crash when following a target and the target goes out of range

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